We send broken hockey sticks into overtime.

Hockey Stick Stuff was started by accident in fall of 2013. After successfully talking Total Hockey out of about 100 broken sticks and building Adirondack chairs from them, we still had about 30 sticks left over. Not knowing what to do with them, we started making picture frames out of some. One of our hockey mom friends came over and loved them so the wheels started turning and the tools started going. After a recommendation from a neighbor to list our stuff on Etsy, it was off to the races.

Its hard to believe that was only a little over three years ago and it has already grown into a small business that is staffed entirely by hockey moms and dads from our club. We build the products in a garage and have them assembled by a local company called Cornerstone Services.

Cornerstone is an organization designed to help physically and mentally handicapped people by providing them with jobs assembling products. We are very, very proud of our relationship with such a great organization and you should feel good knowing that your purchases go to help their cause as well.

We use the proceeds of Hockey Stick Stuff to help pay for our children's fees for hockey.

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